The University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture's experts are featured in a new 4 part podcast series prepared by U of T News in advance of the just past municipal election. The four episodes discuss the topics of the future of traffic, transit, sustainable cities, and future cities.

Assistant Professor Liat Margolis, courtesy of the University of Toronto

The podcast series has features interviews with the likes of Liat Margolis, known for her work in green roofs, and Dean Richard Sommer discussing sustainability and transportation. The most recent podcast about the future of cities features high profile names such as Richard Florida, U of T president Meric Gertler, and the Daniels Falulty's Global Cities Institute Patricia McCarney.

The series looks at the Daniels Faculty's joint work with Metrolinx on regional transit hubs, and the importance of transit being seen as more than just something to get people from A to B. "It’s not just a matter of convenience," said Sommer. "Our ambition has to be to make the experience and quality of commuting into the city through transit something that is better than driving. So, one can read, one can shop, one can exercise, one can socialize—one can do something that is enriching rather than something that is seen as a sacrifice."

If you want to get more info and listen to the podcasts, click here

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