Possibly more than any other street in our beloved Toronto, Charles Street is going through a radical transformation as condominium towers are popping up on what seems like every property. East of Yonge, Charles has seen no fewer than 7 towers built or under construction over the past few years: Bloor Street Neighbourhood, Casa, CHAZ Yorkville Condos, Casa II Condos, Casa III Condos, X The Condominiums and X2 Condominiums. 

The base of the building at the corner of Church and Charles Streets, picture by Quadrangle Architects Limited

To this impressive collection might soon be added a new 52 storey, 167.4 metre-high condominium tower at the corner of Church and Charles, more precisely at 68 and 70 Charles Street East and 628 through 638 Church Street. The City has recently published an application on its website, and the conversation about this new project has been on for a couple of months in our Forum. 

As far as we know, the plan is to build a total of 439 condominium units on floor 8 and up, 20 rental replacement units on floors 5 to 7 and retail spaces at grade brought together in the 52-storey high mixed-used building, designed by Quadrangle Architects.

Detail of the existing buildings on site

There are currently five properties on site, four of which are heritage buildings and would thus be preserved. 638 Church, a house converted to commercial spaces, was altered by previous renovations and will be demolished to make space for construction purposes and later be an access to the future complex. Most of the existing heritage properties will be retained, renovated, upgraded and converted into either service commercial and retail spaces or condominium units (especially in the Manhattan building fronting Charles) and incorporated to the base of the tower.

Detail of the existing building on site

As seen in the rendering and elevations available to us, the building would be predominantly glazed, while balconies of differing length on each floor will give the tower an identifiable look. Rental replacement units will be located in the lower floors in the slightly slimmer and more sober-looking floors above the base of the edifice, designed to not compete with the heritage buildings at ground level. 

Residents will live just a few blocks away from the Bloor/Yonge subway station which provides an easy access to other parts of the city, as well as walking distance to other retail, commercial and service facilities, employment and recreational areas, as highlighted by the report published on the city's website. According to the project's Planning Rationale document, this project conforms with provincial policy laid out in the the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe as well as the City of Toronto's Official Plan, in terms of both urban planning and design.

The project in its urban environment, courtesy of Quadrangle Architects Limited

Being in a desirable part of downtown, which supports an intense urban growth and densification, it is no surprise to witness another development in this area. We will keep you updated when additional information and renderings are published. If you wish to get involved in the discussion, click on the associated Forum thread linked here, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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