The award-winning redevelopment plan transforming what used to be Canada's first and biggest social housing complex is well underway in Regent Park. The area continues its rebirth as more buildings from the second phase of the multi-phase redevelopment come to completion. Meanwhile the third phase of Regent Park has started with the demolition of the old apartment blocks on the southeastern corner of the site, making way for new townhomes and athletic grounds.

Looking south at One Park Place South Tower on Regent Park Boulevard, image by Jack Landau

The Daniels Corporation's One Park Place is one of the stand-out market developments at the site. Its North Tower was completed last year, but we had the opportunity yesterday to take a look at the progress made in the 29-storey South Tower. Designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects, it is currently closing in on the end of its construction for a delivery next year. 

Townhomes facing south on St David Walk, image by Jack Landau

This market condominium development features a large choice of units from studios to townhomes, the latter category offering 2 or 3 bedrooms. High ceilings, a modern and fully-equipped kitchen open to the living area, master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, large closets in every bedroom, and an office space on the second floor make these townhomes perfect for families, whose needs were taken into account when designing the interiors. 

Fully-equipped kitchen in a One Park Place townhome, image by Jack Landau

The 1301 square foot townhomes featured in our photos are priced at $575,900, both for the 2 bedroom + den and 3 bedroom + den layouts.

Master bedroom in a One Park Place townhome, image by Jack landau

The Daniels Corporation decorating team did a good job at transforming a unit in a still-under-construction building into a place where one could easily imagine themselves. Indeed, the apartments located on the upper floors of the tower are still in an earlier stage of construction, as seen in the picture below.

27th floor unit under construction at One Park Place, image by Jack Landau

While the drywall was put in place on the exterior walls a few weeks ago, the studding for interior walls still awaits their finishing in the upper-floor units, as in the Rosemary suite, this one located on the 27th floor and facing the northwest. With a price of $440,900, this 2 bedroom+den layout is 852 square feet in size. Corner units are larger than the others, and offer impressive views, as seen in the photo below, taken from the southwest-facing balcony of the Lotus, a 1 bed, 701 square foot suite selling for $373,900.

A view of downtown Toronto from a 28th floor unit, image by Jack Landau

For those who prefer to live closer to the ground but still want a condo-style unit, units are available in the development's podium. For $330,900, one can afford a 4th floor 1 bedroom + den unit featuring a large terrace, adding outdoor space to the 613 square feet of the suite's interior.

Decorated 4th floor unit at One Park Place in Regent Park, image by Jack Landau

The curated outdoor spaces, designed by NAK Design Strategies, will allow residents to appreciate the budding street life, especially once new cafes and restaurants open in the commercial units on the ground floor. Light granite paving, green spaces and benches make the streetscape very appealing. The wide sidewalks allow the Regent Park farmers' market to take place on Wednesday afternoons during the summer months.

Looking south on Regent Park Boulevard, image by Jack Landau

Looking for more information on One Park Place? Our dataBase file, linked below, includes official website links and contact info, more details, as well as plenty of renderings. If you want to talk about the project, join the conversation in one of the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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