Construction of Streetcar DevelopmentsThe Carlaw is making some impressive progress, with construction now reaching above the tenth floor of the 12-storey, 320 unit condominium development at Dundas and Carlaw. This is a major leap since our last visit in late July, when the building was only three storeys above street level. 

The Carlaw, viewed from the west on Dundas, image by Forum contributor Benito

Designed by TACT Architects, The Carlaw will utilize multiple cladding treatments to visually break up the building's façades into multiple volumes. This design decision for The Carlaw will also allow for a more engaging pedestrian experience, adding variety to what might otherwise be consider too monolithic for the site. 

The Carlaw, image by Forum contributor innsertnamehere

In recent days, the very first panels of cladding have been applied to the building. In the image below, we can see the first row of cladding on the second floor of The Carlaw, which comes in the form of a reflective blue window wall system framed in grey mullions and accented with white spandrels.

Cladding now appearing on The Carlaw, image by Forum contributor chriskayTO

Adjacent to the mid-rise tower, work is also moving along on The Carlaw's 'urban towns'. In the image below, we can see the current state of the townhouses' construction, which has recently moved on to the task of masonry installation.  

Urban Towns at The Carlaw, image by Forum contributor chriskayTO

A closer look gives us a better view of the ironspot slate-gray bricks, which add a touch of warmth while providing a contextual tie-in to the well-established brick-built residential homes located to the north and east.

Urban Towns at The Carlaw, image by Forum contributor chriskayTO

Just next door to the east, work is now well under way for Streetcar's The Taylor, a seven storey condo and townhome development set to contain 96 units. The Taylor met a major milestone earlier this month, with the raising of the project's tower crane from the bottom of the freshly excavated site.

Crane now in place at The Taylor, image by Forum contributor chriskayTO

We will be keeping a close eye on the progress at both The Carlaw and The Taylor as construction continues. In the meantime, additional information and renderings can be found in our dataBase files, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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