Construction of Cityzen and Fernbrook HomesWaterlink at Pier 27 recently hit a major milestone with the first occupancies of the architectsAlliance-designed development. PDIs (pre-delivery inspections) are ongoing, and move-ins under way at the easternmost of the four 11-storey buildings, which are joined in pairs by two three-storey skybridges. We recently stopped by the site for a look at how the development has progressed since our last visit several months ago.

Waterlink at Pier 27 viewed from above the L Tower, another Cityzen/Fernbrook project, image by Jack Landau

The exteriors of Pier 27's towers and bridges are looking much closer to completion. The east side of the site is the furthest along, with residents currently moving in, while the west side is still a very active construction site. 

Waterlink at Pier 27's western buildings, image by Craig White

On the west side, the scaffold which was used to clad the underside of the western bridge is now being disassembled, revealing a continuation of the pattern of diagonal aluminum bands mounted to the exterior of the bridges' main glazing. The bands mounted outside the windows reflect the position of cross-braced structure found just behind them on the inside.

Underside of Waterlink at Pier 27's western bridge, image by Jack Landau

Each side of the complex is clad in a different variation of the same theme. Note that on the east skybridge (seen below left) that the diagonal lines are made up through the metal paneling of the underside, and not through the banding. The window and spandrel treatments are similarly differentiated.

The east (left) and west (right) buildings pairs exhibit differences, image by Jack Landau

The major difference between the east and west sides is the level of readiness. While units on the east side have begun occupancy, the west side has further to go, especially in terms of the landscaping and sealing-in of the last units.

The west side of the development has more work to be completed still, with landscaping to come, image by Jack Landau

On the east side of the development, all of the external hoists have been removed, cladding is complete and major work has shifted to landscaping the exterior, while the suite interiors and amenity spaces are being finished up, and readied for the pioneer residents of this new waterfront community.  

A glazed-in walkway connects the two eastern towers, image by Jack Landau

The glazed-in walkway between the two eastern towers is complete. While it allows residents to pass through in climate controlled comfort between the two halves of their complex, the glazing also allows ground level views from north of the building through to the harbour and Toronto Islands.

Ground level landscaping and glazed walkway, image by Jack Landau

In the space between the two eastern towers, landscaping of the north entry area is nearly complete, minus a few minor details. In the image below, brick work on the driveway continues, while masonry and planters have been completed around the entrances to the urban townhomes on the ground floor of the east tower. Privacy screens are still to be completed.

Brick driveway being laid with townhouse entrances in the background, image by Jack Landau

Illumination of the exterior areas will be accomplished through bounced uplights, while final cladding details like white aluminum soffit panels have now been installed with dark joins to complete the crisp look.

Details like reflecting lights and crisp aluminum panel cladding now appear, image by Jack Landau

Inside the easternmost tower, work is nearing completion on the building's spa area with pool and sauna, as well as the fitness centre. In the image below, we can see the entrance to the spa area on P1, which despite being underground, is brilliantly lit thanks to a light well on the west side of the room.

Spa entrance with light from light well visible on the right, image by Jack Landau

Inside the spa, residents will have access to a pool, sauna and change rooms. An outdoor pool will offer open air refreshment in the summer.

Indoor pool at Pier 27, image by Jack Landau

Soon to open is the fitness centre, offering residents access to exercise equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainers, and weights.

Fitness centre at Pier 27, image by Jack Landau

Many units in the east tower are either ready for occupancy or already occupied, and we got the chance to quickly peek inside one of these units.

Condominium unit at Pier 27, image by Jack Landau

With construction here wrapping up over the coming months, we look forward to the boost of activity that hundreds of new full-time residents will bring to this once barren stretch of waterfront east of Yonge Street.

Waterlink at Pier 27, image by Jack Landau

A comprehensive collection of project facts, floor plans and renderings can be found in our dataBase file for Waterlink at Pier 27, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided at the bottom of this page.

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