Summer is always a treat. For most it's the higher temperatures, the longer days, and the seasonal abundance of outdoor activities. For us, summer is also exciting because of the faster rate at which developments progress. Today's example is Brookfield's Bay Adelaide Centre. We checked in with this project back at the beginning of this month when its tower and podium were already showing significant growth.  

Bay Adelaide Centre East Rising, photo by Jack Landau

The most noticeable change since the previous story is that the concrete core, which will carry the building's elevators, has hit a milestone.

Bay Adelaide Centre rising in Toronto's Financial Core, photo by Jack Landau

Visible in the first three images in this story, the tower's concrete core has slimmed down at the area where the low-rise elevators will not proceed any higher. 

Close-up of Bay Adelaide Centre rising inToronto's Downtown, photo by Jack Landau

The following diagram shows the number of elevator banks that will reach each floor. Two step backs will narrow the elevator core as the height of the building increases. 

Stacking Diagram of Bay Adelaide Centre, image courtesy of Brookfield

Meanwhile, the steel framing of the floors which follows the concrete core has now risen by a couple storeys, while the glazing on the building's lower floors is also rising. 

Glazing on the Bay Adelaide Centre East Tower, photo by Jack Landau

The construction project's height now makes the future tower visible from more places in Toronto's core, including from Toronto City Hall's podium roof where the image below was taken. From this vantage point, Bay Adelaide East will eventually almost exactly fill the gap between the Simpson's Tower and 390 Bay.

Photo of Bay Adelaide Centre rising in Toronto's downtown, photo by Jack Landau

We can expect much more progress on the project as the summer continues. Until our next update find more information about the project by clicking on the dataBase file linked below. You may join in on the conversation in the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page. 

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