The Pug Awards have come a long way since the inaugural year in 2005. When the event was created almost a decade ago, founders Anna Simone of Cecconi Simone, and Gary Berman, President of real estate financier Tricon Capital Group, envisioned the awards as a way to foster public interest and involvement in the world or architecture and design. While most award shows highlight the best an industry has to offer, the Pugs allow the public to vote on not just the good, but also the bad. 

“While the Pug Awards have helped to elevate the importance of architecture in our rapidly growing city, with some modest success, it has become increasingly clear that what Toronto currently suffers from is not uninspired architecture but sadly misguided planning and a total disregard for and rejection of the public realm,” said PUGS co-founder Gary Berman. “Like people, even ugly buildings can charm when they are dressed up with the space that surrounds them.”

Voting now open for the PUG Awards, image courtesy of PUG Awards

Voting is now open, and if you have a favourite or least favourite project, visit to have your say on Toronto's best and worst architecture. Voting gives you the opportunity to hold developers, architects and planners accountable for the city’s built environment.

Vote "love," "like" or "hate" for this year's Residential and Commercial/Institutional nominees and share your opinions with friends and others who care about Toronto's new buildings. Voting runs until Saturday, May 31st, 2014. Winners will be announced at the Pug Awards Closing Ceremony on June 18th at The Art Gallery of Ontario.