Symmetry Developments in partnership with Fortress Real Developments are bringing 5468796, one of Canada's most exciting young architectural firms, to Toronto for the first time for a townhome project at the east of Gerrard Street. Called The Tree House, this townhome project doesn't look like any other ever completed in this city.

Concept for The Tree House by 5468796 Architecture for Symmetry Developments

Concept designs show paired rows of homes with alternating plate glass and minimalist wall cladding treatments in white metal panels and weathering steel. The three storey plans include tall ground and top floors, angled slats and glazing in places to create texture and shading for the windows, to capture particular views, provide privacy in cases, and to create aesthetic drama.

Concept for The Tree House by 5468796 Architecture for Symmetry Developments

Leaked by another media outlet, the plans are not finalized yet, but indicate the direction the developers want to go. Symmetry Developments has only a few projects under their belt so far, but each has successfully pushed the envelop for modern multi-unit residential architecture in Toronto, and the company is obviously intent on staying at the leading edge of design in Toronto. Earlier projects include Linea on Bayview, Hive Lofts on the Queensway, and Origami Lofts on Bathurst. All are designed by innovative Toronto firm Teeple Architects and offer materials and composition that are out-of-the-ordinary in this market.

By engaging 5468796 Architecture, Symmetry is building on its legacy of design-forward development. The Winnipeg-based company is young—it has only been around since 2007—and in contrast to their impossible to remember name, their designs of the last few years have been noticed and awarded, again and again. In 2014 the firm was award a Governor General's Medal for Architecture for their OMS Stage, a public performance venue better known as 'The Cube', which stands Old Market Square in Winnipeg's renowned historic Exchange District.

OMS Stage by 5468796 Architecture

There is much more to read online for architecture buffs about 5468796 and their work of course, and we invite you to google up a storm. In the meantime, we promise to keep on top of the design progress at The Tree House with future reports. For your viewing pleasure now, our dataBase file for the project, linked below, includes larger-scale rendering details of the project.

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