Concord CityPlace, the vertical neighbourhood which is becoming a major fixture on the western side of Toronto's Downtown is growing evermore vibrant as each new tower comes to completion. One of the development's current projects, Quartz, leads the way in showcasing what is to come. Recent photographs by UrbanToronto Forum members RedMars and drum118 show that the 41-storey tower's peaked roof in the process of being constructed.

Quartz tower roof, image courtesy of drum118

A detail shot from the rendering included at the bottom of this story shows that the original plan was to have the peak on the north side of the RAW-designed building. With the flat-topped roof portion now done on the north side, and the peaked soon to be completed, Quartz will soon be topped off.

Rendering of Quartz tower roof, image courtesy of Concord Adex

Topping off aside, all but the upper seven storeys of the tower have been dressed with a subdued combination of white spandrel cladding and glazing which reflects the blue-gray of the skies. These neutral tones are juxtaposed against Quartz's sister tower, Spectra, which features brightly coloured stripes which span its 39-storey sides. There is also a colour interplay between Quartz and its podium, a recreation centre for the residents to be called the Prisma Club. Its southern wall features a vibrant installation called Gardiner Streams by Toronto-based artist Katherine Harvey.

Katherine Harvey's Installation Gardiner Streams, image by Justin Hane

Image of Spectra (left centre) and Quartz (right Centre), image courtesy of RedMars

Other defining features of Quartz are also visible at this point. These include a series of unified balconies on the building's west side, and the multi-volume glass and concrete box podium structure.

Rendering of Quartz, image courtesy of Concord Adex

With seven months to its slated completion date, Quartz has already begun to distinguish itself on the city's skyline and within the CityPlace community. We will continue to keep an eye on its progress as it nears completion. In the meantime let us know what you think of this recent development by leaving a comment below or on the associated Forum thread linked below. To find out more about the project click on the link to the dataBase file.

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