Yesterday we took a close look at the progress at The Daniels Corporation’s dual-tower One Park Place, a market condominium development underway in the heart of Regent Park. Part of the large-scale redevelopment of the Regent Park neighbourhood, occupancy has already begun for the 25-storey north tower of the Hariri Pontarini-designed complex, while construction continues on the final floors of the 29-storey south tower.

In yesterday's feature, we examined the exterior of the complex, and today we step inside for a look at both the completed tower to the north, and the under-construction tower to the south. One Park Place offers a wide range of both indoor and outdoor amenity spaces, designed respectively by interior design firm Cecconi Simone and landscape architect NAK Design Strategies. The development's outdoor amenity spaces take the form of podium top community gardening plots as well as patio and lounge areas one floor below.

Aerial view of One Park Place's outdoor amenity areas, image by Craig White

Community gardening plots have been a popular feature in recent Daniels' developments, instilling a sense of community spirit and involvement as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. After a long bitter winter, it won't be too long until these planters come alive with resident-planted flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs. One Park Place represents the largest deployment of these special garden plots to date; we expect to see these beds overflowing with flowers and vegetables by late this summer!

Community gardening plots at One Park Place, image by Jack Landau

One level below, the north tower's outdoor amenity area is close to complete, while work on the south tower's adjacent outdoor area is ongoing.

Outdoor amenity space for One Park Place north tower, image by Jack Landau

Outdoor amenity space for One Park Place south tower, image by Jack Landau

Inside, the north tower's amenity level is where residents have access to a party and billiards room, fitness centre, dining lounge and even a movie screening room. The Cecconi Simone-designed spaces are bright and naturally lit, and are fitted with art commissioned specially for the space from local artists. The building's party and billiards room offers residents a large space to hold functions and social gatherings. Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide views to the west across Regent Park Boulevard tot he Daniels Spectrum and the Toronto skyline.

Party and Billiards room, image by Jack Landau

Party room kitchen area, image by Jack Landau

Across the hall from the party room sits another large entertainment area and lounge, where residents can unwind and socialize. Similar to the party room, this space features multiple seating areas, a kitchen and a television, as well as a baby grand piano.

Lounge area, image by Jack Landau

Piano in One Park Place's lounge area, image by Jack Landau

The indoor and outdoor lounge areas sit side by side, separated by floor to ceiling windows with a bird-friendly frit pattern. The baked-on enamel dots make the glass visible to birds, reducing bird-strike considerably.

Bird strike pattern on windows between indoor and outdoor amenity areas, image by Jack Landau

The amenity level is also where residents can find the building's movie screening room and fitness centre.

Movie screening room, image by Jack Landau

Fitness centre, image by Jack Landau

As construction progresses on the south tower, another amenity space is coming together. A cavernous space will soon be kitted out as half court basketball gym and a pair of squash courts.

Future basketball court area under construction, image by Jack Landau

Now within one level of being topped off, work is progressing on interior elements of One Park Place's south tower where the condominium units themselves are now beginning to take shape.

One Park Place South condominium unit under construction showing insulation, image by Jack Landau

The punched windows found on the One Park Place complex are a departure from the recent local tradition of head-to-toe glass. While the aesthetic makes a refreshing change on the skyline, the higher insulation value offered by this window and wall configuration allows residents to save on energy and cut down the cost of heating their units in the winter and cooling them in the summer.

One Park Place South condominium unit under construction with drywall installed, image by Jack Landau

Down at ground level, the development features a collection of townhomes, like this two-storey unit under construction in the south tower's podium.

Two-storey town in the podium of One Park Place South, image by Jack Landau

There is a whole lot to see at Daniels' One Park Place, and to help you see it all, we have condensed our tour into a quick 2 minute video for you to enjoy:

Looking for more information? Our dataBase file, linked below, includes official website links and contact info, more details, as well as plenty of renderings. Want to talk about the project? Join the conversation in one of the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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