The second phase of Urban Capital's River City Condos is beginning to take on the building's signature look as shown in its rendering. Recent photos of the development show work taking place on the condo's twelfth and final storey, the beginnings of the rooftop walls, and the installation of windows and cladding below.

The Saucier + Perrotte-designed sleek and shifting facade is created by a pattern of protruding and recessed balconies which wrap around all four sides of the building, with end units alternately turning the corner—or not! This alternating cladding is now beginning to take form. Finally, the second phase's mini-tower feature—making the single building look like an amalgamation of three smaller structures—is also distinct at this stage. 

River City 2, with River City 1 in the background, image courtesy of UrbanCapital

River City 2, image by Jack Landau

The first few storeys of phase two are getting the white-framed window cladding which gives this phase its translucent lantern effect.  

First seven storeys of River City 2, image by Jack Landau

The stacked- box appearance of the building with balconies and windows facing in alternating directions at the ends of the building has also become evident even though there is still a good deal of cladding, insulation and dry wall to be added to the structure's upper storeys. 

South side view of River City 2, image by Jack Landau

North side of River City 2, image by Jack Landau

With Phase 2 coming closer to completion and Phase 3 (on the southern side of the Richmond-Adelaide-Eastern overpasses) going into its marketing period, we are beginning to see how River City Condos will fit into the greater West Don Lands area. For more information on this project and to see more renderings, check out our dataBase listings below, or choose one of the associated Forum threads to join in on the discussion. You may also leave a comment on this page. 

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