We have been keeping a close eye on the ongoing construction of Canderel's landmark Aura at College Park, currently the tallest building under construction in Canada. The Graziani + Corazza Architects-designed tower has risen to a height of 78 storeys, and after much anticipation, work is now underway on the project's mechanical penthouse with its sweeping roof feature. Unlike the concrete frame of the tower, Aura's roof feature is being constructed with structural steel and should rise quickly in the coming weeks. Once the steel roof feature reaches its pinnacle, Aura will be officially topped-off at 892 feet, bringing to tower to its official position of Toronto's 3rd tallest building (as measured by roof height).

Aura at College Park seen from north on Yonge Street, image by Jack Landau

Today, UrbanToronto Forum members have been getting a glimpse of the steel being installed on the west side of tower's top via the Aura Webcam installed on the roof of the neighbouring Residences of College Park development located to Aura's west.

Aura's roof as of 4:30 PM today seen from the west, image from Aura Webcam

The newly installed steel is also visible from ground level when viewed from the west.  

Aura's western roofline seen from ground level at 5pm, image by Jack Landau

Aura's western roofline seen from ground level at 5pm, image by Jack Landau

The completed roofline will feature two offset slopes, with a northern peak on the west side and a southern peak on the east side. Below, the southern peak can be seen in this rendering of the completed building.

Aura's eventual sweeping roofline seen from the southeast, image courtesy of Canderel

Here's how that side looked on April 11, from UrbanToronto member Marcanadian:

Aura on April 11, 2014, from the east, by Marcanadian

By evening, Aura's roof feature will be uplit from the exterior with large spotlights, while its curtain wall cladding will display vertical strips of white LED lighting, an element of which we recently witnessed the early testing. 

Once complete, Aura will house 985 condominium units, many of which are already occupied by their new owners. 

Additional information, including renderings and floorplans, can be found at the associated dataBase listing, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the project's Forum threads or voice your opinion in the comments section provided at the bottom of this page.

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