Freed Developments has plans to develop a sister building to 155 Redpath Condos. To be called 150 Redpath Condominiums, it is the second phase of Freed’s Redpath development project and will be located across the street from the first phase on the southwest corner of Redpath Avenue and Roehampton Avenue. From the elevations submitted to the City in a Zoning Amendment Application, one can see that 150 Redpath will utilize the same design language architectsAlliance used for 155 Redpath Avenue. Freed is planning for 150 Redpath to be a taller building, consisting of a total of 38 floors compared to 34 floors for 155 Redpath. The extra height means it will be able to incorporate a total of 520 residential units - 50 more units than 155 Redpath.

North and East elevations of 150 Redpath Condos, courtesy of Freed Developments

Much like 155 Redpath, 150 Redpath will be replacing an assembly of lots which are currently occupied by 2-storey single detached and semi-detached dwellings, as well as a surface parking lot. However, there is an interesting twist; it seems that the lot located at 177 Redpath Avenue—right at the corner of Redpath Avenue and Roehampton Avenue—will not be part of Freed’s development. It appears that the landowners refused the offer to purchase the land, resulting in 150 Redpath fitting around it in an L shape. It leads one to wonder how Freed’s and architectsAlliance’s original aesthetic vision for the development would have been different with the corner property included.

Proposed site plan for 150 Redpath Condos, courtesy of Freed Developments

Another interesting aspect of Freed’s proposal for 150 Redpath is the inclusion of infill development via three townhouses located immediately south of the main condominium building at 140 Redpath Avenue, split from the main site by a private laneway for which Freed has obtained an easement to access the site of the townhomes.

Google Street View image looking southwest toward the site

Freed is submitting a zoning amendment application in part because the site is only zoned for semi-detached houses, row houses and apartment buildings with a total density of 2.0 times the lot area and a height restriction of 38 metres. 150 Redpath’s proposed density is 11.4 times the lot area and a height of 132.3 metres.

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