Yonge-Dundas Square is one of Toronto's busiest spots, but if you think the area has reached maximum density, think again. More development is coming to the heart of Toronto, and this time it's not shopping, dining, or anything tourism related. HNR Dundas Square Tower by HNR Properties is bringing residential rental units to Yonge-Dundas Square in a 40-storey mixed-use redevelopment with design work by Diamond Schmitt Architects, Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects, and heritage specialists ERA Architects.

The site involves two heritage office buildings on the south side of the busy square, and two properties south of them on Victoria Street. While the two office towers on Dundas Square are being restored, the two buildings on Victoria Street have been demolished and will be replaced by the 40-storey rental tower.

21 Dundas Square (HNR Dundas Square Tower), courtesy of Diamond Schmitt Architects

This redevelopment dates back to March 2011 when we reported on the contentious demolition of the Hermant Annex at 258 Victoria Street. HNR submitted a proposal to City Council to tear down the 1920-built six-storey designated heritage building to make room for construction along with the unlisted two-storey commercial building at 252 Victoria Street. The adjacent buff brick building seen to the south in the Google Street View image below is the Ed Mirvish Theatre.

252 and 258 Victoria Street, now gone, image from Google Street View

The HNR Dundas Square Tower project was approved by the City in March of 2013, and excavation has been under way since September on the tight site. Workers are currently two-storeys below ground level, with three more to go to begin construction of the five-storey parking garage. It is planned to hold 70 parking spaces, with its entrance and exit facing Victoria Street.

Construction of HNR Dundas Square Tower, image by drum118

Construction of HNR Dundas Square Tower, image by drum118

Victoria Street elevation of the HNR Dundas Square Tower, image from City of Toronto Application

A significant portion of this project is the rehabilitation of the historic Hermant and HNR buildings directly north of the construction site. The nine and fifteen-storey heritage structures were built in 1913 and 1929/1930 respectively. They will continue to house office while getting a restored lobby and retail frontages at ground level. The aging ivory-coloured window assembly on the Hermant Building are being replaced with an historically appropriate forest green design, which adds a pleasing depth and contrast against the building's white terra cotta façade.

Restoration of 21 Dundas Square, image by drum118

Restoration of 21 Dundas Street, image by drum118

Restoration of 21 Dundas Square, image by drum118

Some of the rehabilitation is now on display as work on the upper levels has been completed and is now apparent where the scaffold has been removed. We look forward to more of the work being completed.

To learn more about this development, check out our dataBase file, linked below, along with the associated Forum thread. Want to talk about the project? You are always welcome to leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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