Toronto's decade-long building boom has changed many areas in big ways. Today's Throwback Thursday takes a look back at one block that has certainly changed for the better. This is the east side of Sherbourne north of Richmond to almost Queen East. Formerly occupied by 101 Gas and King Palace Restaurant (both major cabby hangouts at the time) and King Fried Chicken's "Best Fried Chicken In Town" (hardly!). Demolition of 101 has begun in this picture, taken on June 8, 2007.

Throwback Thursday: 101 Gas demolition begins, image by Edward Skira

Throwback Thursday: King Fried Chicken and Advantage, image by Edward Skira

Today this strip is occupied by Empire Communities' The Modern Condo as seen in the following photos. 

Throwback Thursday: The Modern Condo today, image by Edward Skira

Throwback Thursday: The Modern Condo today, image by Edward Skira

New has replaced old and a greater sense of urbanism has been added to this formerly neglected part of town that's been rebounding nicely during the last decade. While 101 at King Fried is long-gone, King Palace moved to 820 Church (between Yonge and Bloor) where it continues to thrive as a favoured cabby food stop. The only unfortunate aspect of all of this is that they were not able to purchase the two crummy buildings directly to the north (see last pic). They continue to mar what is otherwise a greatly improved streetscape.