In North America’s construction capital, new buildings and infrastructure projects are constantly being proposed, built and completed. Toronto and the surrounding region continue to build out at record-setting volumes, naturally increasing the public’s interest in construction projects. We have several features on UrbanToronto specifically designed to keep you all up to date on the freshest news and updates surrounding everything built, proposed or even discussed in the GTA, but in the world of construction things can change quickly. In the time it takes for a photo to become a Forum post or a front page article, progress of the project can either stand still or make quick progress, and let’s face it, we can’t be everywhere at once!

Worry not however; for those in need of a fix, instant updates on some of Toronto’s most interesting projects are just a few clicks away. We don’t enjoy the thought of you having to wait even one minute for an up-to-date photo or video of your favourite project, so we happily present this list of live construction webcams from across the city. Unlike a standard UT article, project names will link directly to their associated webcams, while dataBase listing for all included projects will be included at the bottom of the page.

Aura at College Park

Screenshot from Aura's construction webcam

Ryerson Student Learning Centre

Bay-Adelaide Centre East

Screenshot from Bay-Adelaide East's construction webcam

Pinnacle on Adelaide

ROM roof upgrades

Copeland Transformer Station

Screenshot from Toronto Hydro's Copeland Transformer Station construction webcam

Waterfront Toronto has a selection of webcams set up facing projects like the West Don Lands, River City and the Queens Quay revitalization. All three webcams can be found on the same page, linked here.

Screenshot from Waterfront Toronto's Queens Quay Revitalization webcam

Developer Tridel clearly understands that there is both industry and public demand for up-to-date information and has installed webcams overlooking many of their major projects.

Hullmark Centre

Screenshot from Hullmark Centre's construction webcam


West Village

One and Two Old Mill

Blythwood at Huntington 



Webcams are an excellent and reliable source for construction updates, but despite all their advantages, the information they provide lacks commentary. Our dataBase files available below provide background information on all the projects mentioned and lots of renderings, while their related Forum threads contain valuable discussions, explanations, debates and basic food for thought.  

Know of any more webcams? Leave a comment below with the link!

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