The photographers that document the changing face of Toronto play an important role in our city’s identity. In the last 60 years, our city has witnessed exponential growth, which has accelerated significantly in the last decade. The same can be said about photography, which has experienced countless advances since the mid-20th century, resulting in the high-tech and increasingly affordable cameras we have seen spring up over the last 10-15 years. Shooting for over 60 years, this week’s pick for UT Photographer of the Week has been around through these generations of monumental change. Forum member “Goldie”, better known as George Dunbar, has spent decades involved in photography, including 50 years as a professional photographer.

Reflection self-portrait, image by George Dunbar

While George no longer identifies as a professional photographer, he still practices as an amateur photographer, though he possesses all of the skills, techniques and knowledge learned during his days as a pro.

Ramp at City Hall, image by George Dunbar

His take on our city often gives Toronto a relaxed vibe, using warm colours and carefully selected framing to transform big city hustle and bustle into idyllic paradise-like moments.

Pedestrian activity in the Beach, image by George Dunbar

Most of George’s current work is shot with a Nikon SLR camera. He also particularly enjoys working with Photoshop as a post processing tool.

Kites flying at The Beach, image by George Dunbar

Since joining the UrbanToronto Forum in 2009, George has contributed countless photos in his personal Forum thread, “Goldie’s Toronto”.  We recommend that you take the time to browse through for some interesting shots from around the GTA!

Cyclist on Nassau Street, image by George Dunbar

We will return next week to feature another photographer from our Forum. Think you've got what it takes? Grab a camera or mobile device and get to work, then post your content in the Forum, and you just may find yourself featured in next week’s article!