This is the second installment in our recent tour of Cityzen and Fernbrook’s Waterlink at Pier 27.  If you haven’t checked out part one yet, we recommend that you follow this link before proceeding.

View of Pier 27 from the top of L Tower, image by Jack Landau

In the first installment of our tour, we examined the project’s signature twin skybridges as well as the massive scaffolds which are being built to clad the bridges’ underside. While that cladding has yet to commence, the first rows of curtain wall are now being installed on the east bridge façades. 

Cladding on one of Pier 27's skybridges, image by Jack Landau

Close up of new cladding on one of Pier 27's skybridges, image by Jack Landau

The clear glass and seafoam green spandrels of the curtain wall system will be accented by exterior-mounted bands of formed white aluminum aligned to follow the diagonal pattern of the steel cross-bracing of the bridges. These yet-to-be-installed bands will be mounted on sets of brackets, currently visible protruding from installed sections of curtain wall.

Brackets on exterior of curtain wall cladding, image by Jack Landau

Close up of brackets on exterior of curtain wall, image by Craig White

Pier 27’s four towers are divided into distinct pairs by not only the bridges which link them, but the way in which they are clad. Designers architectsAlliance has made each pair of the same family, but there are subtle differences. Glazing on the eastern towers features black and white finishes with flush windows and thin black mullions, while the western towers are clad in grey and green hues, with raised grey mullions.

Eastern tower exterior cladding, image by Jack Landau

Similarly, the glazing of the west bridge, still to come, will mimic—if not match—the windows now going up on the east bridge.

Western tower exterior cladding, image by Jack Landau

With much of the area now cleared, ground floor cladding is currently underway at the base of all four towers.

Ground floor cladding installation, image by Jack Landau

A look at Pier 27’s exterior wouldn’t be complete without viewing some of the large terraces atop each tower. Some of the terraces will be common amenity space for all residents, while some portions are private, attached to individual residences. Most look towards the harbour, including this southern terrace located on the first tower to the east. So far, the area is still in a raw state, with natural stone paving tiles currently being applied to the surface.

Large common amenity terrace with stone paving tiles awaiting installation, image by Craig White

A smaller terrace is located on the easternmost tower, set behind the large protective concrete prow wall which separates the development from the adjacent Redpath sugar refinery. This space will be a private outdoor lookout over the harbour and islands for the (lucky/particularly smart?) residents of one suite!

Small public terrace on the easternmost tower of Pier 27, image by Jack Landau

Waterlink at Pier 27 are a fascinating set of buildings, and we are looking forward to another visit in 2014.

Looking for more information in the meantime? A comprehensive collection of project facts, floorplans and renderings can be found in our dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided at the bottom of this page.

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