The latest project by Freed Developments to close in on completion is Fashion House. This 12 storey, 334 unit condominium will create a sleek, sophisticated environment for residents and their guests—one that will bring some real flare to the King West stretch of Downtown Toronto.

Rendering of Fashion House, image courtesy of Freed Developments

With Fashion House, Freed Developments asked designers Core Architects and Studio CK to celebrate King West's heritage as a fashion district. While the draped with dazzling lip-stick red curtains which are the most eye-catching feature of the design, there's a lot more going on here worth talking about.

Situated at 560 King St. West between Spadina and Bathurst, Fashion House sits amidst an area transformed from its warehouse past to one bursting with new vitality. When complete, Fashion House will add to the mix with a variety of retail and restaurant spaces, enhancing the area's vibrant street realm.

Fashion House under construction, image by urbandreamer

The building has a Le Corbusier-inspired feel paying tribute to his principle of pilotis; elevating the form by means of concrete pillars to replace supporting walls. The stacked box design allows for a number of unique space removed from all the hustle and bustle below: on the largest terrace, residents will get to enjoy a landscaped sky-park complete with an oasis pool.

Fashion House showcasing the pilotis principle, image by urbandreamer

Fashion House wraps around the 1882 three storey historic Silverplate building, now currently undergoing restoration. The city-designated heritage building will be integrated into the complex's program for commercial use. It is great to see an older building that possesses so much character, being brought back to life to work alongside the sleek glass of the modern form. In this case the architectural mix can be read as a metaphor of fashion, and how retro styles always come back into modern times and work cohesively together.

It wasn't so cohesive before Fashion House came along. A mid-century extension used to bring the Silverplate building right out to King Street, while a gas station stood where the modern building is today. Compare 2007 with what's going on today in the photos below.

The Fashion House site in 2007, image by cabeman

Silver-Plate historic building under renovation, image by urbandreamer

The Silverplate Building received designated heritage status from City Council on December 16, 2010. The roof ventilator was removed from the top of the building years ago and will be rebuilt during the restoration. With the extension to the sidewalk gone, the Silverplate Building will gain a patio area outside its restored arched front façade.

Fashion House's sleek glass construction, image by urbandreamer

It is certain that once this condo complex is completed it will be a local landmark of contemporary living. Through its combination of slick modern façades and Toronto's history, Fashion House will set the bar for neighbourhoods culture and as a thriving environment in which to work, play and live.

The building is expected to be completed by 2014. Want to know more about it now? Check out our dataBase file, linked below, for many more renderings and lots of info. Want to talk about Fashion House? You can join in the discussion in one of our associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided on the page.

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