Skyscrapers are known as such because they do exactly what their name suggests; they stand tall, tower above all else in the cities they are built in, and pierce the troposphere at at heights high enough to be swallowed up by clouds. 

Today's photo of the day showcases one such building. This exquisite shot was taken by UrbanToronto Forum member MafaldaBoy, and features the new Delta Toronto hotel at the Southcore Financial Centre. In the background, a loose scattering of clouds can be seen, with the bright blue of the sky a stark contrast to the dark appearance of the exterior of the building. 

The picture has something of a calming and secluded air to it, largely due to the fact that the photographer managed to capture only the one building in the photo- highly unusual for photos posted to the UrbanToronto Forum. It takes skill to compose any shot which makes downtown Toronto have an air of calm to it during the day, and even more so to transform a towering skyscraper into something decidedly less imposing. 

A shot of the newly built Delta Toronto hotel, photo by MafaldaBoy

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