We last checked in with the Alterra Group's Westwood Condominiums just shy of six weeks ago, and in that time the building has gone from having two of its six floors glazed to having four of them glazed. Barring a couple of spots held up by custom work, the building's 'typical' floors are now sealed in from the weather. While the ground floor and the penthouse level still await their cladding, work is now picking up on interior fittings for the building. We are still looking forward to the rock feature wall, front and centre below, getting its cladding too, as it will be the building's signature element.

Looking up Carysfort Road to Westwood Condominiums, image by Craig White

The first system to get a lot of attention as part of interior fitting-out is plumbing. The pipes will ultimately be hidden behind walls and above ceilings, so the bulk of that has to go in first. Metal studs for the walls are going in in other parts of Westwood now too, and it's through holes drilled in the studs that the smallest diameter pipes will run, delivering water to each unit, as well providing space for all of the electrical wiring and communications cabling that will reach each outlet.

Work on the interiors starts with getting the plumbing in, image by Craig White

As a boutique-size project built over an existing underground parking deck, Westwood has some unique features. We will look into those more in coming months as work progresses on this EI Richmond Architects-designed project.

Looking west across Fieldway Road to Westwood Condominums, image by Craig White

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