Yet another high-rise condominium is on the rise in the ever-densifying North York City Centre area. Just east of the busy intersection of Yonge and Sheppard, construction is underway at Minto Group’s Ei8hty8 Condos. Designed by Rafael + Bigauskas Architects, the complex will include a 35-storey tower and two standalone rows of townhomes encircling by a large central water garden.

Ei8hty8 Condos and central Water Garden

Since excavation started in April, the project has been racing along at an impressive rate. Only a few weeks after shovels went into the ground, the first tower crane was raised at the south end of the site. Excavation is now practically complete aside from some minimal work left to do at the site’s north end, and concrete has now risen to just below grade to the south.

Panorama of 88 construction site facing east, image by Jack Landau

A quick look at Ei8hty8’s site plan below helps to put the current progress in context.  The concrete rising on the south side of the site makes up the bottom portion of the diagram below, which includes the complex’s entrance area on the west side and a portion of the townhouses on the east side.

Ei8hty8 Condos site plan

The following photos from earlier this month provide us with a view looking across the site from the western perimeter. 

Looking southeast across the 88 construction site, image by Jack Landau

Looking east across the 88 construction site, image by Jack Landau

A few days later, UT forum contributor drum118 was on the scene to shoot some updated photos of the site, showing a much more active northern portion of the site with rebar cages being filled with concrete at the bottom of the pit.

Work underway at the bottom of 88's pit, image by drum118

Work underway at the bottom of 88's pit, image by drum118

As this speedy construction continues along, we will be sure to check back in and provide frequent updates.

Rendering of Ei8hty8 Condos

For additional information including building facts and rendering, please visit the associated dataBase page, linked below.  Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the related forum threads, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided below.

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