If some parts of this city were built with winter uppermost in mind — like our climate controlled PATH walkway system downtown, there are other parts of this city that seem like they were built with summer in mind ahead of all other seasons. On a perfect late summer weekend like this, the Humber Bay Shores area of southern Etobicoke seems to come into its own like no other time of year.

Development around the Humber Bay waterfront, image by Jack Landau

Like the Pam Am Village east of Downtown, this area to the west is changing at an incredible rate. Aided by shots from high atop Amexon Developments’ recently completed South Beach Condos as well as the more day-to-day views from ground level, we tour the area to provide a clearer picture of the sheer volume of construction currently reshaping the area.

The most prominent project in the above photo is the cylindrical 30-storey Waterscapes by Monarch Group.  Here is a closer look at the now topped-off tower with a stunning backdrop of Toronto's skyline.

Waterscapes with the Toronto skyline as a backdrop, image by Jack Landau

Recent progress at Waterscapes has revealed details like black-underpainted balconies and newly installed ground-level cladding, as seen in the photos below.

Upper floors at Waterscapes with black painted balconies, image by Jack Landau

Podium cladding at Waterscapes, image by Jack Landau

Closer to our perch, a quick look down gives us a look into the pit where Key West by Times Group is also on the rise. This future 36-storey tower is just completing its foundation levels.

Times Group's Key West under construction, image by Jack Landau

One project further south is another large multi-tower development. Under construction at Park Lawn and Lake Shore is the Onni Group’s Westlake Condos. Three towers in the 40-storey-plus range are starting to make quite the impact from this elevated perspective.

Onni Group's Westlake condos at Park Lawn and Lake Shore, image by Jack Landau

Onni Group's Westlake condos at Park Lawn and Lake Shore, image by Jack Landau

Onni Group's Westlake condos at Park Lawn and Lake Shore, image by Jack Landau

A Metro grocery store will anchor about 60,000 square feet of retail at the base of Westlake's third tower, see above left. A fourth and final tower at the site, Westlake Encore, is now in sales but not under construction yet.

Beyond the Westlake crane below, you'll see the excavation site for Phantom DevelopmentsJade Waterfront Condominiums, a uniquely designed project by Quadrangle Architects. We are quite excited to see its wave-inspired design take shape. To its right you'll see the white tent sales office set up for Water Tower, the second and final tower at Eau du Soleil by Empire Communities.

Excavation for Jade Waterfront Condos in now under way, image by Jack Landau

To the east, just past a pair of presentation centres, Ocean Club Condos by Beaverhall Homes and Graywood Developments can be seen rising. The 10-storey north tower and the 39-storey south tower will have a tremendous impact on this vantage point.

Ocean Club condos by Beaverhall and Graywood under construction, image by Jack Landau

Ocean Club condos by Beaverhall and Graywood under construction, image by Jack Landau

Moving further east, Monarch Group’s Lago and Conservatory Group’s Waterways will rise side by side. For a better look at these two sites, we decided to get a bit closer.

Lago site to the east of Ocean Club, just getting under way, image by Jack Landau

While the two projects, both in very early stages, seem like they share a construction site, a very subtle demarcation line has been put in place.  With Lago on the left and Waterways on the right, the property line is almost invisible unless you look closely, marked only by an orange post between the two properties for the time being.

Waterways site just to the east of Lago, shoring now started, image by Jack Landau

Pouring concrete into a newly drilled hole for Waterways' shoring, image by Jack Landau

As this is the perfect summer weekend for it, we will be back in Humber Bay Shores soon with more amazing views and a couple of tours. Watch for our next stories!

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