The demand for synthesizing large quantities of information and making it readily accessible has never been greater than it is today, and every condo-dweller knows that keeping track of everything going on with their building can be a challenge.

"bazinga!" is software designed to do just that. Condo-dwellers in the right buildings will be able to access it from desktops, tablets, or smart phones. The app digitally connects all the parties involved in any condominium—the occupants, building staff, property managers, and developers—and provides them with up-to-the-minite information about their buildings, neighbours, and the surrounding communities from anywhere they are online.

In an interview with UrbanToronto, Chris Scott, director of sales at bazinga!, explained the app's objective. "bazinga! allows for smart buildings. In any building, there are inevitably going to be situations which arise where the developers or property managers will need to communicate with residents, and bazinga! allows them to do that directly. From the resident's perspective, the app connects them with the community and centralizes information for them." Mr. Scott also pointed out that bazinga! serves as a selling point to potential new buyers as a high-tech amenity. 

CHAZ Yorkville is the latest condo development to come onboard with bazinga!, while the app is already available in over 11,000 units in over 100 communities. EdenshawPlaza, and Mizrahi are among a host of developers in Ontario and British Columbia who have signed on so far. 

You'll be able to book this party room at Chaz with bazinga!, image courtesy of 45 Charles Ltd.

A Vancouver-based startup, bazinga! simplifies many elements of condo life for residents. For residents, bazinga! has 3 sections: 'my home,' 'my building,' and 'my neighbourhood'. Each section gives the resident different options and capabilities.

In the my home section for example, bazinga! allows residents to order a new key fob right from their device. Residents can get information on other unit specifications, and bazinga! is so precise, it will even give you a reminder as to when your warranties will expire. Say the stove in your unit broke down and you had to call in the maintenance company. Instead of having to fish around trying to find the stove manual, you can pull out your smart phone or tablet, and bazinga! will tell you exactly what model your stove is, and give you the full manual.

Amongst other things the 'my Building' section allows you to book an elevator to move furniture, reserve a visitor parking spot, or book an amenity room in your building.

bazinga! also allows condo dwellers to communicate directly to one another too, a long awaited feature for anyone who has every had to live next to or under an overly rambunctious neighbour!

An important part of any condominium is its surrounding community, so the creators of bazinga! took it upon themselves to make sure that residents were connected to and informed about the surrounding area that is their home. The app provides users with information about restaurants, transit, schools, shops, cafes, bars and more in their area. If a resident has recently moved in, has a bad cold and needs to find a doctor's office nearby, bazinga! can help, as it will plot close-by doctor's offices on an interactive map. 

Like all good software, bazinga! is aimed at making your day-to-day easier. Booking the party room, checking your warranties, finding a manual, it all becomes a breeze, and it should become a selling point at a condo near you!

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