As the Spadina Subway Extension crawls further north beyond Toronto's boundary, businesses are anticipating its arrival in Vaughan with big plans in the works. One of the largest projects set to transform this suburban city is the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) which will develop in the area surrounding the eponymously named TTC Spadina Extension Subway Station.

The first office commercial addition to be announced for this future urban node will be the 14-storey KPMG office tower. It will play host to roughly 1,200 employees who should enjoy a relatively easy commute with the direct connection to the subway below, an adjacent new regional bus terminal, underground parking, and features like bicycle parking. We have new renderings of the project, showing how the area will likely look upon completion of the tower, and the same view after the build-out of the surrounding area. First the view looking east.

KPMG Tower initial build looking east, image courtesy of Calloway REIT

Final build out around the KPMG Tower, looking east, image courtesy of Calloway REIT

The message: we are starting semi-suburban, but over time the area will become an urban centre with surface parks replacing surface parking lots. The 300,000 square foot Diamond and Schmitt Architects-designed building features glass curtain wall with zinc panelling. Below are the West facing views.

KPMG Tower intial build looking west, image courtesy of Calloway REIT

Final build out around the KPMG Tower, looking west, image courtesy of Calloway REIT

The KPMG building is just the start of the City of Vaughan's hopes for the overall VMC, where Calloway REIT in partnership with SmartCentres are amongst a number of developers planning to construct nearly 6 million square feet of commercial, residential, and retail space over the coming years. Along with the indoor space there will also be a major park and civic square soon to come.

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