Around the corner from Yonge and College, Karma Condos by Lifetime Developments and CentreCourt Developments is set to over look the intersection from 50 storeys above. With a contemporary design and great location for residents, purchasers have been happy to see construction get going. Before any upwards work for the tower could commence however, the 1873-built John Irwin House needed to be relocated to the northeast corner of the site.

Historic John Irwin House relocated from its form site (left side of image), image by Forum member drum118

Moving the historic house was apparently a far more involved procedure than was previously visible to the casual passerby. In order to allow for excavation and construction on the underground garage and mechanical rooms below, the new foundation for the house covered up a big secret.

Relocated John Irwin House before excavation, image by Forum member drum118

Excavation begins beneath the John Irwin House at Karma Condos, image by Forum member androiduk

To support the structure while excavation continued underneath, two deep holes were drilled, and then massive concrete columns were poured. A concrete slab was then formed over the columns and anchored into the shoring structure along the side. The house was then lifted and placed onto the new foundation and support columns.

Concrete colums hold up the John Irwin House at Karma Condos, image by Forum member RiverCity1

The two columns will support the weight of the house throughout the remainder of underground construction on the 4-storey parking garage. Once construction of the entire project finishes, the 140 year old heritage structure will be refurbished for showcase retail or dining. It has not been announced which business might fill the space.

Excavation pit underneath the John Irwin House at Karma Condos, image by Forum member RiverCity1

The completed building, designed by architectsAlliance will bring 495 units to the heart of downtown with units ranging in all sizes. When residents move in in 2015 they will enjoy interior designs by Cecconi Simone and an outdoor patio with greenery courtesy of landscape architects Strybos Barron King. Additionally a sauna, movie room, games room and more will be available.

Karma Condos by architectsAlliance for Lifetime Developments and Centrecourt Developments

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