Podiums—or at least ground floors—don't come quick. That's something that has frustrated impatient observers again and again on UrbanToronto. The floors at, and often just above and below ground level, are unique in every building, and every form has to be specially built for them. In a city where the typical higher floors of a skyscraper can jump upwards by four or five floors every month, it can seem like nothing is happening at all at ground level. Today we present two different buildings under construction one month since they were last captured. In our other story on Post House in Downtown Toronto, the difference is quite apparent. Here, at NY2 in North York, you may have to look a bit closer to notice the difference!

Construction progress at NY2 Condos, image by Jack Landau

Construction has been proceeding very well at The Daniels Corporation’s NY2 Condos over the last month, although the progress is not as dramatic as the speedy excavation and climb to ground level we recently witnessed at the site. The seven-storey, Core Architects-designed building features quite a large floorplate, so each level takes much longer to form than the typical point tower style buildings we see so many of these days.

West side of NY2 Condos, image by Jack Landau

Since our last visit at the end of May, construction crews have been working on finishing the last two thirds of the ground floor and starting on the second level above.  This is easily the most intricate part of the forming on this project, and requires crews to build one-off concrete forms for several areas, including the mezzanine levels at the south end, the electrical transformer vault with its double slab ceiling, the double height amenity area, a canopy between the first and second floors and structural supports for the soon-to-be-installed precast cladding.

NY2 viewed from the southeast, image by Jack Landau

As you can see, there has been quite a bit of work to do on the first floor of what will soon become a 140-unit addition to Daniels’ highly successful NY Towers community. Progress will soon become much more apparent as the team completes the first floor and gets to the typical floorplates seen on level 2 and beyond.

Construction progress at NY2 Condos, image by Jack Landau

First floor of NY2 Condos, image by Jack Landau

We will be sure to check back on NY2 Condos as the project continues to rise. In the meantime, please visit the related dataBase page, linked below, for additional information and renderings. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated forum threads, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided on this page.

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