Vibrant, captivating and unique are just a few words that could begin to describe the current Context Development project underway in the Fort York neighbourhood, whose amenities and surroundings are sure to appeal to Toronto's nature-loving book worms. Named in honour of Toronto's next public library, Library District Condos tower over the sprawling greenspace of Fort York, the vast blue waters of Lake Ontario, and the dynamic neighbourhoods west of Downtown. The 29-storey building will also be accompanied by its own public library, which will proudly stand beside the soon-to-be Mouth of the Creek Park, giving residents a great opportunity to curl up with a good book in the local park, in the comfort of their suites, or in the library itself.

Library District Condominiums, image courtesy of Context Development

Designed by KPMB Architects, the themes—nature and literature—are evident in both the building's architecture and amenities. The green, yellow and blue coloured glass of the three-level recreational pavilion, is a salute to the scenic landscape of Fort York and the adjacent waters of Lake Ontario, emphasizing the essence of nature to its residents and visitors. Although they are not visible to us, the condo's environmentally friendly features within the suites—such as dual flush toilets, Energy Star appliances, and floor to ceiling windows—also add on to the building's tie-in with Mother Nature. As for the literary aspect surrounding the condos, this theme is obvious upon entry to the building. The lobby is specially designed to interpret some of the world's greatest libraries, with a shelf along one wall stacked with all sorts of books.

Recreational pavilion under construction, image by UT forum member yonderbean

The three-level recreational pavilion overlooking the park—titled the "Author's Club"—also includes plenty of literary-inspired features and activities, such as a media room and lounge which screens the latest film adaptations of highly-accalimed literature. For those looking to socialize or get active, the pavilion also includes a party room, kitchen and bar, outdoor terrace, gym, cardio room and saunas.

Library District Condos under construction, image by UT forum member yonderbean

Construction of the Library District Condos has now reached the top residential floor, a milestone that those who will be living in this scenic, vibrant community with a unique literary spin will be happy to note. If interested in being an owner here, register for a visit to the presentation centre on the condo's registration page.

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