Markham Village's plans for urban revitalization continue with the intensification of its beloved Main Street. The addition of 68 Main Street Condominiums will bring residential and retail along the community's main drag. 

Designed by Flanagan Beresford & Patteson Architects, 68 Main Street’s architectural vocabulary and massing have been developed in close collaboration with the Town of Markham to complement the architectural heritage and built form of Markham Village. 

UrbanToronto forum member MafaldaBoy provides us with recent photos of the site which reveal the concrete work that has been completed to date.

Construction photo of 68 Main Street Condos, image by UT member MafaldaBoy

Construction photo of 68 Main Street Condos, image by UT member MafaldaBoy

South corner of 68 Main Street Condos, image by UT member MafaldaBoy

Pediment elements incorporated along Main Street elevation

Developed by the Sierra Building Group, the new building will rise three storeys along Main Street, and then step back in form to accommodate terraced penthouses and another two storeys. Its façades will incorporate dichromatic brickwork, stone accents, and other historicist elements (i.e. pediments indicated in the photograph above) that help it to blend into the charming streetscape which is lined with original buildings from the 1800s housing shops and modern conveniences, interlocking brick sidewalks and gas light fixtures. Increased pedestrian activity will be drawn to the 13,000 square feet of new retail space on the ground level. The U-shaped complex includes a private, cobblestone courtyard-piazza that opens up to the south.

Project rendering, image courtesy of the Sierra Building Group

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