If you read UrbanToronto regularly, no doubt you will have seen photos of the berm being built by Waterfront Toronto along side the Don River down by River City and the new Corktown Common Park.

River City above the berm, image by CanadianNational

You may also have wondered 'do we really need such a big berm?' 70 millimetres of rain last night and this morning showed that the answer to that was 'yes'! Thanks to Corktown Toronto, we have a pic of what that looked like.

Bayview Avenue flooded, May 29th, 2013, image courtesy of CorktownToronto

That's Bayview underwater a block north, and you may have seen several seen photos and rews videos on just how the Don Valley parkway looked earlier today. You may not have seen this though, unless you are one of our oldest readers: check out the scene on February 26, 1918. The's the Don Jail on the right horizon behind the smokestack.

We're not worried about River City nor the other new buildings going into the area—they're above the 100-year flood mark—but now we know why the berm is being built, and we're glad it's there.

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