It has only been three weeks since we last covered progress at Library District Condominiums and the actual adjoining library, but recent work on this colourful project means that things are changing quickly here. East of Bathurst Street on Fort York Boulevard is where you find this Context Development project, named for the Fort York Public Library that will be housed at the base. KPMB Architects' design, anchored by a 29-storey tower, was inspired by the abstraction of books lining a shelf, and makes use of a lively palette of green-tinted glass accented by blue, yellow and green spandrel stripes.

Library District Condominiums, photo by TOCondoGarden

Pictured above, the three-storey amenities pavilion, which includes a retail component, sits smack between the two-storey library and the residential tower. Significant patchwork in various shades of green spandrel glass cover its south facing façade and engages the base of the tower. Its striped pattern echoes that of the future Mouth of the Creek Park, complete with angular ramps, steps and terraces, which will sit adjacent to the library.

Site plan of Library District Condominiums, image courtesy of Context Development

UT Forum members share current construction photos of the complex, slated for completion in late 2013. Installation of exterior glazing has just begun on the library and amenity buildings and continues on the tower, now past its halfway mark. Steel framing has begun on the interior of the library. 

Library District Condominiums, photo by Jack Landau

Construction of Fort York Boulevard Public Library, photo by Jack Landau

Construction of Fort York Boulevard Public Library, photo by TOCondoGarden

What do you think of the colours on the project? Leave a comment here, or join in the discussion in the UT Forum threads linked along with the project's fact and image-filled dataBase page below.

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