With smaller and smaller plots of land being swallowed up by high-rise development, the immense value of downtown real-estate is quite apparent. The ongoing intensification of the Entertainment District has produced a number of high-rise condominium developments built on former parking lots. One particular lot, located next to the historic Royal Alexandra Theatre, seemed like it was barely wide enough to accommodate a vehicle making a three-point turn before shovels hit the ground. Now it's the latest in a string of condominium towers in the neighbourhood: with its standout design, is it maybe the greatest?

Theatre Park's upper floors and roof feature, image courtesy of Lamb/Niche/Harhay

Construction work on Theatre Park, a 47-storey condominium tower by Lamb Development Corp, Niche Development and Harhay Developments, is speeding along. With the concrete shell of the podium in place, work is now beginning on the 'typical' tower floor plates above. To get a closer look at the podium of this architectsAlliance-designed project, we turn to the following photos, captured by UT member Dumitru Onceanu.

Theatre Park seen from the south side of King Street, image by Dumitru Onceanu

Theatre Park podium construction, image by Dumitru Onceanu

Beveled concrete edges form a frame around the upper portion of the podium's southern façade, slated to be clad in a pattern fritted glass. (Is this the first time we have seen a concrete bevel used in Toronto condo construction? Leave a comment below if you know of other ones!) Above the podium, work is now underway on the rooftop terrace area as well as the set-back tower portion. With the repeating tower floors’ smaller floor plate now in effect, it is safe to say that this project will be speeding skywards quickly through the Spring and Summer months.

Beveled concrete edges on Theatre Park's podium, image by Dumitru Onceanu

Beveled concrete edges on Theatre Park's podium, image by Dumitru Onceanu

Rendering of Theatre Park's podium, image courtesy of Lamb/Niche/Harhay

Want to know more? Additional information including floorplans and renderings can be found at the Theatre Park dataBase page, linked below. To get involved in the discussion, check out the related Forum thread, here, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided below.

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