The Queen West area has been a hotbed of construction activity for quite some time now.  One block in particular, bounded by Queen, Dufferin, Peel and Gladstone, is in the midst of a major redevelopment led by Streetcar Developments in partnership with Dundee Realty. The site is divided into several separate phases which started with the recently-completed Two Gladstone, and is now followed by the under-construction 8 Gladstone, then The Carnaby – currently being excavated, and next, Carnaby Row, which is just entering its marketing phase. 

Rendering of 8 Gladstone, image courtesy of Streetcar Developments

8 Gladstone, a mid-rise boutique condominium being built just north of sister project Two Gladstone, is now topped off, having seen the removal of its tower crane this week. Work on the 8-storey building is expected to wrap up in time for late 2013 occupancy. In the photos below provided by forum member 'CrimsonShadows', we take a look at some of the recent progress on 8 Gladstone, including the recent removal of the tower crane. 

8 Gladstone, with its crane still in place, image by CrimsonShadows

8 Gladstone during crane removal, note the still intact crane sections but no jib arm, image by CrimsonShadows

8 Gladstone viewed across Gladstone Avenue, image by CrimsonShadows

Designed by TACT Architecture, the building fuses a contemporary design with a contextually-sensitive red brick exterior, creating a bond between the structure and the neighbourhood’s industrial heritage. The design’s tasteful incorporation of old and new aesthetic styles finds a balance between the perceived past, present and future of the Queen and Dufferin area.

The project is bringing 89 condominium units to the growing neighbourhood. In addition, The Carnaby and Carnaby Row are planned to add another 400 units to the area. The complex will feature a wide range of amenities including a landscaped park and a Metro grocery store. Neighbourhood amenities include dozens of dining and entertainment options, including the famous Drake and Gladstone Hotels. Residents of the complex will also have easy access to transit, with both the TTC 501 Queen Streetcar and the 29 Dufferin bus running mere steps away.

Rendering of Carnaby complex, image courtesy of Streetcar Developments

Looking for more information? Comprehensive collections of floorplans, renderings and additional facts regarding 8 Gladstone, The Carnaby and Carnaby Row can be found at each respective project’s associated dataBase page, linked below. To get involved in the discussion, please visit the 8 Gladstone forum thread, here, or voice your opinion in the comments section below.

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