Aura at College Park, a mixed-use project by Canderel Stoneridge, is well on its way to becoming Canada’s tallest condominium development. Construction on the monolithic 78-storey tower has recently progressed past the 50th floor, revealing the building's western setback and the first few storeys bearing the new, curved floor layout. In the photos below, we examine the current state of construction, focusing on the now prominent western curve.

Construction progress at Aura, note the curved western setback, image by Jack Landau

West facade of Aura at College Park, image by Jack Landau

West facade of Aura at College Park, image by Jack Landau

The curved section of the Graziani + Corazza Architects-designed tower will be clad in a dark curtainwall glazing – the same type visible on the central spine rising up the south face of the building. To get a better idea of what the completed project will look like, we turn to a recent rendering created by UT Forum member Traynor with an image captured by fellow forum member SkyJacked from his crane atop the L-Tower. By creating a rendering that shows the actual building materials used for Aura, Traynor’s illustration provides us with a very accurate representation of the finished product when compared with the official renderings released before construction work began. 

Rendering created from image of partially completed Aura, original photo by forum member SkyJacked, rendering by Traynor

With approximately 25 floors left to build, the project along with its 985 condominium units, should be complete sometime next year. Once finished, Aura will tower above its neighbours at a height of 273 meters (896 feet), becoming Toronto’s third-tallest building as measured by roof height. As work towards this goal continues, businesses have started setting up shop at the now-open retail base, which will remain protected by a massive, temporary metal canopy for the duration of Aura’s construction.

West facade of Aura at College Park, the temporary canopy is visible towards the bottom of the photo, image by Jack Landau

We will return for a closer look as construction on this skyscraping project progresses. In the meantime, please visit the dataBase page linked below for additional information and renderings. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the related forum thread, here, or voice your opinion in the comments section below.

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