We have some good news, and we have some bad news. Let's start with the good news…

It's always great to hear that an innovative new housing project has done well and is ready to proceed, and that's the case now with Curated Properties' Edition Richmond, a townhome project on Richmond Street in Toronto's West Queen West. Designed by AUDAXarchitecture and Cecconi Simone, the 20-unit project has only 4 units still available, and that means that demolition of the presentation gallery, a former car repair garage, is imminent in mid-February, and you only have a few weekends left to visit if you have not been (Sat and Sun Noon to 5).

Edition Richmond Presentation Gallery by Cecconi Simone

So if that's the good news for the buyers, what's the bad news? The bad news is that demolition of the presentation gallery—a former car repair garage turned ultra-cool venue for parties, weddings, and oh yeah, selling condos—is imminent in mid-February! Few clubs in town look as cool as does the space that Cecconi Simone have created here. It's so cool in fact that yes, as mentioned above, a wedding actually took place here last summer, so cool in fact that Hugo Boss sponsored a party here during TIFF, as did Vitaminwater…

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…so that's all pretty cool! What made it such a hit? It could be the painted mini, it could be the beautiful black and white shots mounted on the walls, it could be the white-on-white design that allows special lighting, the people, and any accents strewn about to be the colourful highlights of events here.

Edition Richmond Presentation Gallery by Cecconi Simone

Opening night Vernissage party at Edition Richmond

With all of that coming to a close here soon, we thought we'd give you the heads up that there's not much time to see the space and tour the model suite, which frankly is also quite the looker.

Kitchen/Living Area in the Model Suite at Edition Richmond, design by Cecconi Simone

Rooms at the back of each unit benefit from a lightwell that opens up rooms on both the main and bedrrom floors to natural light, so not only does daylight pour into the front of each unit, it also floods into the living room area from a skylight…

Walk-though mirror closet hall in the Model Suite at Edition Richmond, design by Cecconi Simone

…while the light from above shines past the glass-walled shower to the left of the photo below, filling the marble-clad bathroom with daylight too.

Master bathroom in the Model Suite at Edition Richmond, design by Cecconi Simone

That's a flat screen television set into the mirrored wall above, by the way. Everything here is beautifully detailed and fitted…

…and there's a lot more to see, like the building's Sky Gardens for example.

Edition Richmond by AUDAXarchitecture for Curated Properties

As mentioned already, there are only a couple of weekends left to view the presentation centre. It's at 856 Richmond Street West, and it's open both Saturday and Sunday from noon until 5. If you would like to know more about the project, like unit prices, sizes and more, click on the UrbanToronto dataBase page link below. To get in on the discussion, click on one of the associated Forum thread links.

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