Leslieville is growing up, particularly along Carlaw Avenue, corridor to the condos. With the Printing Factory Lofts and Worklofts and Flatiron Lofts already completed, Showcase Lofts underway and The Carlaw about to break ground, the residential face of this neighbourhood is getting a lift. The development of Carlaw Avenue is a fine example of the Official Plan's concept of mid-rise development along the avenues as we see the transformation of a row of warehouses into residential and commercial intensification. 

The eight-storey Printing Factory Lofts, the first development to kick off the rise of Carlaw Avenue, was completed in 2010 and contains 254 units, as well as townhouses on Boston Avenue. The original warehouse facade stands as a reminder of the avenue's industrial past while anchoring its future of glass-clad condos.

The Printing Factory Lofts, image courtesy of REMAX Condos Plus

More recently completed, the 10 and 11-storey Worklofts and Flatrion Lofts, developed by Lamb Development Corp, contain 160 units, dubbed 'commercial lofts', with ground floor suites particularly sutied to work+live arrangements. The buildings blend in with the traditional warehouse look of the area with their partial brick cladding. 

Flatiron Lofts and Worklofts, image courtesy of Lamb Development Corp

The seven-storey Showcase Lofts, developed by Aragon Properties Ltd., will add 230 units to the avenue. With brick cladding on the first five floors, the traditional warehouse look continues along Carlaw.

Showcase Lofts, image courtesy of Aragon Properties Ltd

The Carlaw, developed by Streetcar Developments, will add some height and polish to the avenue, as well as 320 units. Designed by Tact Architecture, the 12-storey building boasts a mix of modern glass curtain wall with more discreet brick cladding, extending the streetscape vertically and horizontally. 

The Carlaw, image courtesy of Streetcar Developments

With the development of approximately 1,000 units along Carlaw Avenue between Queen and Dundas Streets, the intensification of Leslieville is becoming a reality. These mid-rise condos bring welcome diversity and density to the neighbourhood, with a nod to the industrial past in their design and consideration of the single-family homes surrounding them. 

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