Earlier this summer an inside source sent UrbanToronto a provocative rendering for a proposed condominium development to be located at the intersection of Sherbourne and Selby, just south of Bloor Street. With no further information provided, much of what we were running on was pure speculation and the information we could glean from the renderings… however, a recent zoning amendment application has now becoming available for 592 Sherbourne Street, providing us with more details regarding the development.

Eastern facade of 592 Sherbourne next to the James Cooper Mansion, image from bKL Architecture

We originally listed the developer of the site simply as Cityzen, following an announcement by president Sam Crignano stating they had purchased the Clarion Hotel Selby. We can now confirm that the project is in fact a joint venture, assembled and developed by Cityzen, Fernbrook Homes and DiamondCorp. Our initial estimate of the tower being 50-storeys wasn't too far off from the 52-storeys actually proposed, three of which constitute the podium which will be partially housed within the historic Gooderham Mansion at the foot of the tower. The project's design comes from across the border, specifically bKL Architecture, a Chicago-based firm from whose website the new renderings come.

Southeast view towards tower podium from Selby, image from bKL Architecture

Similar to its next door neighbour — the James Cooper Mansion — the Gooderham Mansion will be uprooted and lifted closer to Sherbourne Street. The building was designed in 1884 by David Roberts Jr. to house Henry Gooderham, and while the front has escaped the wrecking ball, a number of additions on the rear of the project have drastically changed the mansion's appearance. E.R.A. Architects prepared the Heritage Impact Assessment, proposing the demolition of the rear wing and U-shaped addition, the reconstruction of the west wall and the relocation of the structure. The building would be aligned with the James Cooper Mansion and would house ground floor retail as well as residential amenities. 

Street level of 592 Sherbourne next to the James Cooper Mansion, image from bKL Architecture

The building is designed to be significantly taller than the James Cooper Mansion next door, and would be 7-storeys taller than the 45-storeys that the site is currently zoned for. 499 condominium units are currently proposed, the majority of which are one bedrooms. An additional 5 grade-related townhouses have been designed to front Shelby Street. 6 floors of underground parking would house 229 parking spaces, while 500 bicycle parking spaces would be located on P1 and the ground floor.

Five grade-related townhouses facing Shelby, image from bKL Architecture

The Staff Report recommends a number of alterations be made before the project is allowed to go forward. Of particular emphasis is the necessity of a 4.8-metre minimum sidewalk, the lack of a 3-metre setback above the podium and subsequent 20-metre tower setback on the western facade, and the impact that partial demolition will have on the heritage structure. It also recommends that the developer increase the number of family-sized units and determine the shadow impacts the building would have on Rosedale Valley, St. Jamestown Park to the east and the low-rise neighbourhood directly to the west.

Site plan for 592 Sherbourne, image from zoning amendment

The design of the tower has not changed dramatically from the initial renderings we received, although a repetitive arch-like addition does appear to have been designed at the southwest corner of the podium atop the ramp leading to the underground parking lot. 

You can find all the initial renderings in the dataBase listing below, as well as updated project information.

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