When a building material is as ubiquitous as glass, it is critical that the quality of that material be excellent. The aversion of the architectural community to ornamentation has compounded this imperative as the glass skin of a building becomes its defining characteristic and primary aesthetic expression. Weariness, however, has been expressed by some on the Forum over a sameness that has washed over the city. Despite these reservations, there has been near unanimous excitement over the quality of the glass being applied to Ice Condominiums with hopes that future developments will follow its lead. What are your thoughts on the project?

Cladding rising up the west tower, image by Jack Landau.

Developed by a collaboration between Cadillac Fairview and Lanterra, the 67- and 57-storey project was designed by local firm architectsAlliance. Interested in learning more? A link to our dataBase entry can be found below along with the corresponding Forum thread.

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