Interiors at the Trump International Hotel and Tower are luxurious, whether you're staying in a hotel room, have bought a residence, or are enjoying one of the amenities. What's beyond the walls of the building though adds something else pretty special to this building: some of the most "urban" views in this country. Owing to Trump's location just steps from King and Bay in Toronto's skyscraping financial core, nearly every suite has both long views and close views, depending on your vantage point in any given room. It's either far-flung horizons or denser skies sculpted by neighbouring architecture; it's your choice. UrbanToronto's tour last week took in many of those views; here are sixteen of them, starting from 31 storeys up, and climbing!

Remember the shots of the pool interior from our preceding article? Well, this is the view if you look outside from one of its windows. Spire is prominent to the east down Adelaide, while the treed Beach area of town recedes in Lake Ontario and the sky in the background.

East view from the Trump Toronto pool, image by Jack Landau

A couple floors higher and looking west, this is the view from the living room of one of the model suites in the building. Shangri-La features prominently behind financial core towers while Adelaide disappears into western neighbourhoods.

West view from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Looking south from a similar height, the view between and over bank towers reveals the L Tower heading skyward. Its sloping upper floors should be very dramatic here in the future.

View of Bank Towers and L Tower construction from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Four sculpted heads adorning Darling and Pearson's 1931-built Canadian Bank of Commerce building stand out in beautiful profile here. The four figures are meant to represent courage, observation, foresight, and enterprise.

Detail view of the Canadian Bank of Commerce Building from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Backing out from that detail view, the wide-angle shot reveals Bay Street amidst Toronto's famous bank towers.

Bay Street view from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Seen at bottom right above and in detial below, the new green roof on the Mies van der Rohe-designed TD Banking Pavilion is part of a hundred-million-dollar-plus retrofit of the Toronto Dominion Centre which will leave the complex with a coveted LEED certification.

View of the new green roof on the TD Banking Pavilion from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Looking pretty much straight down from this 36th floor perch we see the Bank of Nova Scotia building dwarfed by the newer Scotiabank Plaza tower to the left, while at the bottom of the photo is part of the rig being used to complete work on the mid-tower balconies that hang off the south side of Trump. 

Downward view of the Bank of Nova Scotia and surroundings from the Trump Toronto, image by Craig White

Quite a bit higher up now, 54 floors up to be exact, we can see Trump's name in the sky reflected in I.M. Pei's Bank of Commerce (CIBC) Tower.

Trump reflected in a view of the CIBC Tower, image by Jack Landau

Look up to the left, and the V that cuts into the top of WZMH's Scotia Plaza tower looms large.

View of the top of Scotiabank Plaza from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Around the east side of the Trump tower, a view south provides one of those amazingly tight urban vistas that make for some bold, rarified archtiectural drama.

Between-the-towers view from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Looking to the southwest from the higher floors of Trump brings these great views past the financial core and past the CN Tower over the lake and the islands.

CN Tower and core view from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

From up here the west view has become very long indeed: Humber Bay's growing skyline can be made out in this photo, and when you are up in the Trump, Mississauga's downtown behind that is clearly visible too.

Long west view from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

A quick detail shot from the same vantage point overlooks the city's burgeoning Entertainment District.

Festival and Cinema Towers detail view from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Look to the northwest from two more storeys up, and this is the view afforded of the base of the Trump spire. Interesting cladding, no? 

View of cladding on the Trump Toronto lower spire, image by Jack Landau

Take a look north from near the top, and you'll see the KPMG sign on the Bay Adelaide West Tower. Briefly visible from the south, it cannot be too long before it's gone from this spot.

Close quarters view of the KPMG sign at Bay Adelaide from the Trump Toronto, image by Craig White

Finally, let's finish with a long view to the northast, with downtown's buildings falling away as the city's plentiful trees gradually take over the scenery.

Northeast view from the Trump Toronto, image by Jack Landau

We're coming back to the Trump soon for another look, back inside this time: there's still lots going on inside to get the condominium units ready for occupancy, and we knew you'd enjoy seeing that too! That's coming soon…

Meanwhile, you can find out more about the Trump Toronto from our dataBase entry for the building, linked below. If you'd like to get in on the conversation, our associated Forum threads can be found linked below as well.

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