With the exception of balcony glass and a few windows, cladding on The King East is almost complete. The task of cladding the 15-storey condominium began early last May and continued while the building's structure grew to its final height. Now topped out, the project appears very close to being fully sheathed in glass. UrbanToronto Forum members someMidTowner and boomix recently captured the following up-to-date images of The King East.

The south face of The King East. Photo by someMidTowner.

Looking up at the south and east faces of The King East. Photo by someMidTowner.

Closer look at the south face on The King East. Photo by boomix.

The west face of The King East showing bare balconies. Photo by boomix.

Construction cranes still at work on The King East. Photo by boomix.

The King East is being developed by the Lamb Development Corporation, Hyde Park Homes and The Sher Corporation and is designed by Core Architects. For more photos or information on The King East, visit its page on the UrbanToronto Forums here.

Rendering of The King East.

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