Considered to be the "main street" of Toronto, Yonge Street is the symbolic and often enigmatic heart of the city. Stretching from the shores of Lake Ontario to Steeles Avenue and way beyond, Yonge Street does not miss a beat. Featuring Canada's first subway line, it is also a cultural, institutional, and commercial hub home to various attractions such as the Hockey Hall of Fame and Eaton Centre. Yonge also represents Toronto's evolution, constantly renewing and reinventing itself. This dynamism is captured by today's Photo of the Day, courtesy of Forum member Lenser. The area around Yonge-Dundas Square has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade, and poised for further signicant changes. One of the most noticeable changes should be emerging presence of Aura at College Park. Soon to be one of the tallest residential towers in North America, Aura is certain to revolutionize the skyline and have a dramatic impact on the area.

Looking up Yonge Street, image courtesy of Lenser

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