While recent news of a lack of coordination in the PanAm 2015 venues might be sending a few shivers through the city, we’re happy to see this is not the case with the highly anticipated Athlete’s Village in the West Don Lands. The YMCA, George Brown Residence and Canary District Condos have all begun construction; new forum member Razz stopped by the site over the weekend and brings us today's photos.

South on Cherry with old Canary Restaurant on left, image by Razz

The Canary District Condos by Dundee Kilmer broke ground back in May when they were officially unveiled to the public. Due to their essential role in housing international athletes in a relatively short 3 years time they’ve had a kick-start in construction. The usual process in condominium development wouldn’t have seen construction begin until a significant percentage of the building had been sold - around 70-75%.

South on Cherry with Canary District on far left background, image by Razz

While no official numbers have been released, the project is rumoured to be fairly successful, no doubt aided by the unique design by KPMB Architects. Furthermore, the building’s mid-rise nature and its situation within an environmentally progressive, pedestrian-focused neighbourhood are surely appealing to prospective buyers.

East towards future George Brown / YMCA, image by Razz

Both George Brown and the YMCA will play significant roles in the PanAm Games, and will help the neighbourhood thrive following 2015 by serving the wider community. We’re looking forward to the flurry of construction activity over the summer and fall, and can’t wait to see the intriguing buildings take form. For more information on the Canary District Condos or the larger neighbourhood, head over to the associated dataBase listings below.

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