Chris Harhay of Harhay Developments revealed details to the public regarding their oneeleven project at a community consultation meeting held June 12th. Located one block north of King and Bathurst, oneeleven will become a gateway to the vibrant King West district. The area has been designated as a regeneration area by the City to promote growth and development. Throughout this construction boom, we have seen plenty of development interest as a result of the city's initiatives. These fine new additions have reinvented the area into a dynamic mix of residential, employment space, retail, and entertainment. 

oneeleven Bathurst rendering, courtesy of Core Architects

West view, courtesy of Core Architects

Designed by Core Architects, the 17-storey mixed-use building will contain 255 residential units. Four levels of parking is planned with 153 resident spaces, with one level specifically for public parking, comprising 40 spaces. The ground floor will feature double height ceilings to provide a prominent lobby entrance for residents and spacious retail units. Office space is planned for the second floor. Inclusion of employment space is an element that is becoming increasingly popular with new developments in the city. The live-work-play concept has been embraced by Harhay Developments and is seen in EAST lofts, one of their past projects. With the shift in industry from garment manufacturing to information and technology, many warehouses in the district have been converted into office space. The multi-dimensional make-up is an important factor for the popularity and appeal of the area. 

West corner view, courtesy of Core Architects

East corner view, courtesy of Core Architects

Oneeleven will replace the current Waddingtons building and a surface parking lot on the southeast corner of Bathurst and Adelaide. This project's presence will further establish streetwall consistency on both of these streets. Rejuvenation and animation of this currently blank part of Adelaide is also a goal of this development. Attention to detail and a relationship to the existing neighbourhood is critical for oneeleven's planning process. In order to preserve the view vista of St. Mary's Church on Adelaide, the building will be set-back on the northside. Improving the pedestrian realm is also an initiative, by widening the sidewalk by 6 feet on both the Bathurst and Adelaide frontage. More trees will also be planted along the sidewalk to further enhance the street aesthetics. Browns Lane, on the south end of the property, will be improved by widening and will be extended to the east in the future to create a pedestrian walkway connecting to other new developments.

2-storey unit, courtesy of Core Architects

Capitalizing on the demand in the area for larger residential units, Harhay and Core Architects have created an innovative concept of 2-storey units. This creative living space was inspired by penthouses, and to allow more residents to enjoy these exclusive units. There wil be 12 two-storey units scattered throughout the building, all featuring a large outdoor terrace. The podium has been designed to compliment the brick warehouses of the area. Rising above the podium is a stylish tower featuring a series of glass cubes. Together these two components combine to become a striking building of historical and contemporary influences. Solar panels are planned for the roof, a testament of Harhay's environmental initiatives. oneeleven strives to contribute to the neighbourhood by being a multi-dimensional mixed-use building that will further enrich the urban fabric of the city. For more information please check out our dataBase listing below for oneeleven, and check the forum thread to join the discussion here.

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