UrbanToronto stopped by the recently opened sales centre for Mansouri Living's The Perry, a boutique condominium on Pears Avenue across from Menkes Pears on the Avenue. The sales centre — located on the east side of Avenue Road just north of Davenport — contains an impressive site model, sleek kitchen and bathroom vignettes and a sophisticated lounge, featuring design elements one might expect to find in The Perry. Let's take a look at the site model today and explore what the building's all about.

The Perry south facade from the east, image by Alex Corey

The Perry south facade from the west, image by Alex Corey

The images above show The Perry's south facade, facing onto Pears Avenue. Architects Young + Wright / IBI Group play with volumes, extruding a large portion of windows between the third and ninth floors on the eastern side of the facade, contrasting the more aggressive granite on the western side.

South facade with detail of townhomes, image by Alex Corey

The — more specifically blue and mulberry granite — is used throughout the project. Above you can see the two two-storey townhomes with private entrances off Pears that are made visually distinct by its application.

West facade, image by Alex Corey

The western façade is an interesting balance of granite and glass. The granite outlines the current rental building that will remain on The Perry's western boundary. The coloured glass panels appear to be windows but are in fact structural elements that have been hidden by decorative glass in order to maintain a strong aesthetic on each of the building's facades, even those that may not be seen by residents or face major streets. 

North facade with serenity garden, image by Alex Corey

Detail of terraces, image by Alex Corey

The north elevation of the project is much more dynamic than the south, with six-foot deep balconies found on floors four through seven, and terraces between eight and eleven. Once again, structural elements are tucked away behind glass panels in an effort to maintain relatively uninterrupted continuity in the exterior's sleek design.

East facade, image by Alex Corey

The eastern façade is defined by what would initially appear to be an abstract, mondrian-esque placement of colored windowpanes. Similar to the western façade these panes provide cover for the underlying structural support so as to free up the interiors for greater unit customization. Below the overhanging extrusion is the entrance to the second floor retail space that The Perry has set aside for a 'health or wellness' tenant, presumably a spa or salon that residents will have direct access to. 

Resident parking entrance and serenity terrace, image by Alex Corey

Resident parking will also be accessed on the east side, underneath the serenity terrace enclosed by white pines.

Detail of front entrance, image by Alex Corey

We'll end this tour with a close-up view of The Perry's entrance on Pears. Keep an eye out for a follow up on some of the design details one can expect to find inside The Perry, and be sure to check out the project's dataBase listing below for renderings, as well as the associated forums to see what people are saying.

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