Last week we took a look at Mansouri Living's first project, The Perry, located at Avenue and Davenport. The site model included some striking design features reflective of the boutique project's contemporary aesthetic, many of which have been carried through to the interiors of the building. Today we'll take a quick look at some of the features that interior design firm The Design Agency have proposed for the common elements and units.

Living room of typical unit at The Perry, image courtesy of Mansouri Living

The Perry is Mansouri Living's first project, and an ambitious one at that. The building is catering to a high-end clientele, similar to projects such as 500 Wellington or MuseumHouse. The developers are aiming to appeal to "end-users," not investors. In particular, the development is attempting to appeal to downsizers from the surrounding residential districts who are looking for a house-like feel while benefitting from living in a condominium. Project architects Young + Wright / IBI Group designed rooms that are slightly larger than average, with wider corridors and higher ceilings in an attempt to replicate proportions one may find in larger more traditional homes (as opposed to condominiums).

Poliform unit at The Perry sales centre, image by Alex Corey

Kitchen featuring polifrom units and split-level island, image by Alex Corey

Interior designers Matt Davis and Anwar Mekayech have created unique spaces through the introduction of European brands that were previously unavailable in North America; kitchens, wardrobes, closets and vanities are the result of a collaboration between Mansouri Living and design company Poliform. The Italian-based company offers high-end industrially-produced units — such as the split-level kitchen island — features that come standard, as opposed to upgrades.

Living room/lounge with sliding doors facing onto Avenue, image by Alex Corey

Extra-large sliding doors will open to juliette balconies on the south façade, in an attempt to create indoor-outdoor spaces for units that do not have balconies. The sales centre features the style of sliding doors fronting onto busy Avenue Road, framed with a Poliform unit on the right and furniture from Kiosk Toronto.

Rendering of the piano lounge, image courtesy of Mansouri Living

Rendering of entrance lobby, image courtesy of Mansouri Living

The Design Agency is looking to create spaces that are distinctly contemporary yet contain traditional elements —chevron wood floors, reminiscent of mid-century design, will be used in the piano lounge, contrasting the sleek carrera marble used in the entrance lobby. The juxtaposition of new and old continues into the individual units, employing similar materials found in the common elements amongst modern day conveniences and finishes.

For more information on The Perry, check out the dataBase listing below — to join the discussion, click on the associated project thread in the Forum.

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