Lamb Development's The King East condominium is making great progress at the intersection of King and Parliament. The 15-storey tower features designs by Core Architects, and is expected to be completed later this year. Forum members drum118 and cruzin4u stopped by the site recently and snapped some great photos that show the materials Lamb chose to wrap the building in.

The King East project rendering, courtesy of Lamb Developments.

The King East, image by drum118

Detail of materials, image by cruzin4u

South facade of The King East, image by cruzin4u.

The images above show the building at what I believe to be around the 9th or 10th floor, taken from the parking lot on the south side of King Street. You can see the brick being applied to the exterior, which is noticeably lighter than what was initially shown on the project renderings, and looks great up close.

East wall on The King East, image by drum118

Reflective east wall on The King East, image by cruzin4u

Glass windows are currently being installed on the building's east side fronting Parliament, and beautifully reflect the historic brick building across the street. The unconventional frames make the window wall standout, and reference the slim vertical windows seen on the historic brick structure to the north of the project.

Interior of The King East, image by cruzin4u.

Drum118 managed to sneak a peak inside, and from the looks of it they're still a ways off from completion. Nonetheless, our fingers are crossed this exciting project opens on time, and we're looking forward to seeing the exterior cladding complete. For more information on The King East, checkout the dataBase listing below, and keep an eye out on the associated project thread for more great images.

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