Ossington Avenue has received an unusual amount of attention for a street that didn't factor much into the average urbanite's consciousness a few years back — whether it be for its booming nightlife, top-rated restaurants or avant garde art galleries, the strip of Ossington between Queen West and Dundas West has become a popular west end hangout for locals and non-locals alike. 109OZ by Reserve Properties is one of the condominiums that is capitalizing on the street's success, having thrown a successful launch party last month, culminating with an all-too-trendy pop up concert.

Exterior project rendering, courtesy of Reserve properties

The building is designed by RAW Design, and will reach six storeys upon completion, with a total of 85 units. The limited number of units and mid-rise height make the building particularly attractive to those wishing to live in a more intimate, small-scale condominium.

Sales centre for 109OZ, image by Dumitru Onceanu

The colourful sales centre has already made quite an impact on the street. The condominium will contain colour — although not quite as much — in the form of highlighted balconies, with colours chosen by unit owners.

Detail of balconies, image courtesy of Reserve Properties

You can find all the project renderings on the dataBase page, as well as contact information for the 109OZ sales centre, and related stories, all linked below. Be sure to head on over to the real estate thread to see what potential purchasers are talking about, and the construction thread to see all the latest images.

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