Few places in the city have undergone the rapid change seen in North York City Centre. Beginning in the 1980s with an influx of commercial projects and continuing today with a dizzying pace of high-rise residential construction, this neigbourhood is the largest of the suburban "downtowns." Two of the most actively discussed projects on UrbanToronto happen to be not only be rising simultaneously but also side by side. Located on the southeast and southwest corners of Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue, Hullmark Centre and Emerald Park Condos are the most eagerly awaited of the recent wave of projects to enter the market in this neighbourhood. Today, UrbanToronto is pleased to bring you a quick update on construction at this project. Develped by a collaboration of BazisMetropia and Plazacorp and designed by Roy Varacalli, the two towers of the project will rise 42 and 32 storeys and contain 550 units with retail space at-grade.

This first image is taken from several storeys up and just to the east of the construction site. The closest of the three cranes visible in this shot is part of the mixed-use Hullmark Centre while the two directly behind are part of Emerald Park. The taller of the two was just added, having been assembled at the end of April.

Looking west over the site, image courtesy of Forum member jivey80

Work on the assembly of the second, taller crane.

Assembly of the second crane, image courtesy of Forum member vz64

Construction workers piece together the second crane, image courtesy of Forum member vz64

Now for a view looking in the opposite direction, this photo captured at the western perimeter of the site shows that a partial pour has occured for the first of five levels of underground parking.

Looking east toward the Hullmark Centre, image courtesy of Forum member vz64

Another shot showing in greater detail the work on the first of five levels of underground parking.

Rebar arrives, image courtesy of Forum member vz64.

Below is a rendering of what the project will look like when completed in 2013. In a divergence from the sharp 90-degree angles that characterize the design of many condo projects, the form of this building is decidedly more organic. Reminiscent of a blade of grass in its elongated shape and the bend at its upper floors, the design of this project is certainly going to stand out as one of the more inventive in the area.

Rendering of Emerald Park Condos, image courtesy of Bazis, Metropia and Plazacorp

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