Reinvented, restored and repurposed, Maple Leaf Gardens has once again become a hub of activity. Home to the Toronto Maple Leafs from 1931-1999 and the site of numerous political rallies and concerts, the Gardens have emerged from a decade long hibernation as a transformed and energized structure. Under the sympathetic supervision of E.R.A Architects & Turner Fleischer Architects, the exterior of the building has been restored while the interior has been reconfigured to house retail space, athletic facilities for Ryerson University and, of course, a new ice rink, as part of the Peter Gilgan Athletics Centre.  Design for the athletic facilities was undertaken by BBB Architects and Stadium Consultants International while design for the Loblaws was awarded to Landini Associates. In this photo, provided to us by Ryerson University, we can see the final layer of the rink pad being poured.  As a nod to the old end blue seats, the architects have added rows of seats above each net with a slightly steeper pitch. In a city that often seems too quick to demolish its past, thoughtful restorations such as these are a welcome departure from the norm.

Ice rink nearing completion at the Mattamy Athletic Centre at Maple Leaf Gardens

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