Concord Adex is continuing with the development of the southwest corner of the Concord CityPlace site with the launch of Lumen condos, a 30-storey tower by RAW Design meant to compliment the Quartz and Spectra condominiums now under construction directly across Queen's Wharf Crescent from the Lumen site.

An updated model of the Concord CityPlace site is front-and-centre as Lumen, the next phase, is launched, image by Craig White

Lumen, the taller of the three frosted buildings seen modeled at the right side of the image below, follows the decreasing height line as new development approaches historic Fort York – in the green space on the right edge of the photo – and it is positioned to give residents views east between the Spectra and Quartz towers, south past Panorama (the oval turquoise building near it) to the harbour and lake, west towards Ontario Place and north towards King West and beyond.

Concord CityPlace scale model shows completed and new buildings, image by Craig White

Lumen, following the theme of prisms and light established at Quartz and Spectra, will be topped with an impressive glowing crown on its southeast tip.

Scale model of Lumen, seen from the southeast, image by Craig White

Lumen's site will eventually be completed by shorter buildings to the north and to the west. Buildings lining Fort York Boulevard and Bathurst Street will feature retail at ground level.

Scale model of Lumen, seen from the northwest, image by Craig White

Scale model of Lumen, seen from the east, image by Craig White

Scale model of Lumen, seen from the northeast, image by Craig White

The lantern on the scale model of Lumen glows with softly changing LEDs, as will the completed tower.

Lumen's crown will glow at night, slowly changing colours, image by Craig White

Just over 300 suites are found in the 30-storey tower, both one- and two-bedroom plans, most with dens. Amenities are mostly shared with Quartz and Spectra in the extensive Prisma Club, giving purchasers access to all sorts of recreation and relaxation spaces while spreading the cost lightly across the complex. UrbanToronto has renderings of and detailed info on those amenities in the Quartz and Spectra dataBase entries linked below: designed by Figure3, they will make for popular socializing places for those who make these towers their home. Figure3 also brings chic and modern moves to Lumen's lobby, lobby lounge, a private party room, and even to slickly designed suite interiors. While we'll show you more of the suites soon, our dataBase entry for Lumen has a number of renderings of the stylish interiors you can expect in the project.

Like what you see? Not sure about it all? UrbanToronto's threads for the project are linked below too. Choose the Real Estate thread if you are interested in discussing a purchase at the project, or the Projects and Construction thread if the architecture and planning aspects are your cup of tea.

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